Saturday, June 14, 2008


A little mobile lunch in the garage

Some driveway dancing

Some shadow dancing

Getting settled down for a little nap

Today Lucy and I spent the day at Mel's running the garage sale. Lucy was spicy in the morning, not wanting to listen, really wanting to run the show, she tempered after lunch and was pretty darn good the rest of the day.

After closing down the garage sale we drove like bats-out-of-heck to get to my cousin's graduation party.

Lucy was in heaven with two older (but still young enough to be fun) girls to play with. They tried to teach her how to do a cart wheel which she later called a "side ways wheel". Lucy had fun rolling around on the grass doing gymnastics with the girls. At the party she received the mother-of-all-gifts (not sure why I am using all the dashes today), a latex glove (you know, for food preparation - doctoring - diaper changing etc). Lucy wore that glove from about 6pm until I made her take it off at bedtime. She put the glove in a special place and I am 100% sure it will be the first thing she asks for in the morning. She is a doctor with that glove on, and gathered a lot of babies to "poke" with her doctor needle.

Please send sleepy thoughts, I would love for the first number on the clock tomorrow morning to start with a "7".

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Anonymous said...

she is just a sweetie, hopefully you get your sleep that you need