Friday, February 25, 2011

first this ... then that

I have a photo heavy post coming up soon about our 2nd annual camp-in in Oconomowoc, Wi.  First tho' I leave you with two things that get me heated up:

When my beautiful baby gets a high fever and wakes up in pain.  That gets me riled up. 
Although the sweet sleepiness is a bonus.

and 2.
When the governor of our neighboring state manages to piss me off more then Pawlenty. That isn't easy to do. Although my little radical is awful cute with her homemade solidarity shirt.  She has started her Walker rants (ahhhh just when we were missing pawlenty).  This morning's were especially cute.  "Mama, I know you aren't mad at me, you are mad at skyWalker right??"   bwaaahaaahaaaa skyWalker.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring fever

Had a taste of spring this weekend.  Went outside, felt warm in the sun, looked directly into the sun inviting its nutritious rays into the core of me.  Felt good at the time.  Now it just feels like Sunday night. Again.  Feeling worn out.  Work is tiring.  Lucy is still struggling in kindergarten. I really want spring break for both of us. 
Still, it was nice to have some snow melting and some sun shining today.
 Lucy was very excited about the hair coloring we found at Claire's!

 Nothing like a little cat cuddle to sooth a little soul.

poor cat. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The truth is ...

It's been awhile since I blogged.  I would like to report that I've been really busy at work or creating culinary masterpieces or volunteering or packing for a huge trip or preparing for another adoption.  Nope.  Honestly It's a combination of being tired, being busy with my farm on farmtown and really finding that every time I get my camera out to take a photo of Lucy she either has snot all over her face or she has hair that is in such a state that I would (rightfully so) get flamed by some of my readers.  She doesn't need that following her around cyberspace her whole live, there is already plenty of stuff for people to find on her. 

That being said:
 We have had our share of fun.  Spending time with "the boys".  I find it funny that even though I try to keep an assortment of toys that would appeal to both genders, N.P (name to protect identity, of boy who was embarrassed about his desire to play with no body hair model doll) was totally into doing this dolls hair.
 as was his brother Isaac who had no need to hide his interest. 

 Lucy has taken a shine to Beyonce.  I didn't know how much of a shine until the moment we were in Kohls looking for sheets when she stopped the salesman and asked "excuse me, we are looking for some single lady tights"  (he paused for the briefest of moments before directing us to the girls section).  Me, I almost choked on my tic tac.  Above is her single ladies outfit.

 Lucy got bunkbeds.  So if anyone has a way for us to add a sibling to the family, a sibling that comes with free daycare and health insurance please let us know, we totally have space for her now.

good night.  hope to see you soon.