Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a brand new year ..

2012 promises to be a year of transformations.  New job for me (hopefully), new acheivements for Lucy (for sure).  I am excited for this tangible shift of time/date because it shifts my mind and attitude giving me the kick I need to make some changes.  We ushed out 2011 with a small gathering of friends.  It was a fun night, the kids played hard!

We didn't do our traditional sled ride to Jakeenos because there was no snow.  Honestly I am happy about the no snow thing. It's been a load off my mind to not have shoveling and the yard is clean of dog waste. Every day that goes by is one less mess in our spring poop soup.  Nice

We started 2010 by taking a vacation to Madison to visit Blueberry and his family.
LOVED our time there.  Lucy just got done looking at these photos, exclaiming how cute Blueberry is and how she woudl really like to go back to Madison and sleep there for three nights next time. She doesnt' have to twist my arm.

We got the kids outside and moving while in Madison. Important.

Went to an open gym and Lucy jumped jumped jumped on the trampoline.

she figured out all sorts of ways to move her body.

Lucy has been doing great on our new diet regime.  It's really not a regime. As time progressed with her in public school it was getting more and more evident that Lucy might need a little (lot) of help in order to suceed in traditional education.  Her pediatrician started talking about adhd. I was thinking it before the pediatrician stated it.  Lucy's moods were all over the place and learning was hard.
I hope she doesn't hate me one day for putting this out in cyberspace.
I decided to try shifting her diet a little before doing anything more chemical.
Took her off of dairy.
Added more protein into her day.
Added Omega 3's at night.
Added vitamin/mineral supplement.
with the dairy exclusion came a forced foray into more whole foods, less packaged foods.

About 2 (give or take) months into this now and big big changes have happened.
She is learning faster.
She is more focused.
She can sit through a meal.
She is getting into less trouble at school.

see??? 2012, big changes.