Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacation 2011 part 1

 ahhhh summer.  we love it.  we spent our vacation
with the boys again this year.  perfect way to spend a vacation.
all of the kids very active.  Lucy took her scooter to the sk8 park. 
I should have taken my pineapple rum to the park.  I had several gasps but the girl
stayed upright.

we got the boys hooked on pippi longstocking. a random grocery
store DVD grab.  great now i have that dang song stuck in my
head again.

Nathan and Lucy are prepping her bike for our
5 mile ride from Nevis to Dorset.

did you hear that?  5 miles!  Lucy rode with hardly
a single complaint.  I was so proud of her.  She was so
proud of herself.   The boys actually rode the 5 miles back
to Nevis.  They did 10 miles! 

a mid-point break

the spoils at the end of the ride.  virgin margaritas and chips and salsa

just a beautiful girl sitting on a fence

cake flavored ice cream on a hot summer's night.

in the lake every afternoon

Jacob liked to have accessories for his lake swims

every morning Lucy and I had our cups of coffee

sifting for treasures

Lucy doing a jumpy thingy

she was a terrible driver

more to come.