Sunday, October 30, 2011


if Lucy hasn't spent adequate amounts of time outside
in fresh air

getting lots of sun

and exercise.

she become quite unpleasant.
and obnoxious.

and these days if we stick to our back yard.
she just claims she's too cold and wants to go
back inside after a few short minutes.

so when we have an unscheduled stretch of time.
and i am not too tired.

we like to take mini road trips out to the country.
enjoy county parks.
and be in a place where she can gets
loads of good exercise

and oodles of fresh air.
i get energized
and she settles down.
it's a win win.
I fear winter.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Six Years

I can't believe it's been six years since that life changing day when I walked into the baby room at the care center and picked my baby up out of that crib.

seems like every year, every day my heart grows a little to accommodate the intensity of my love for this daughter of mine.

Today as I was telling her about our famiversary (which is actually tomorrow), I said tomorrow is October 24th and on October 24th six years ago it was the day I walked into your room in the orphanage and picked you up for the very first time" ... Lucy says "ohhhh momma, you are so lucky"  yup.

It's always fun to recount what adoption was like in Ethiopia in 2005 (for me anyways).  In 2005, my daughter was a waiting child.   Yes, it's true for reasons that may  not lead to her being 'special needs' today, she was waiting then ... a 2 month old girl.  The staff at my agency was just waiting for me to finish my dossier because Lucy was waiting for someone who checked that magic box "I would be willing to parent a child with..."  and that one magical 'yes' was what matched me with Lucy. 

I arrived on the 23rd of October late at night, the next morning I walked down the steps of the 'guest house' into the orphanage and my child was placed in my arms, 30 minutes later I carried her back up the steps and from that moment I was responsible for her care.  

Right now that baby is waiting for me to come help her brush the Pretty Ponies hair out.  I must go. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Wedding of the Decade!!!

My cousin Scott (ironically not really pictured in this post) got married yesterday to the nicest, smiliest woman in all of Minnesota.  His mom calls it a miracle.  I call it smart, he might have waited over 40 years for this moment but he waited for the RIGHT woman and that is no miracle, that is some real Anderson smarts right there.

Lucy was the flower girl extraordinary.  She alleviated all of my fears and anxieties by NOT trying to overshadow the show with her wonderful, strong, overwhelming self.  Oh I fell deeper in love with her yesterday.

She was exhausted from a sucky nights sleep the night before but she held her stuff together all the live long day, even in those moments when it was just her and I and I expected her to "release her demons" she did not.

look at these handsome boys.  I love photo oh so very much.  See Sam in front?  Handsome little mini-Mike, or is it a mini-manly-Terri?  Hard to tell.  He's sure cute though.

There's my darling again.  Glad the photos were outside in her element.  I think this saved the day.

Look at those fall shadows.  This photo is pretty funny if you look carefully at each of the kids. 

and look at the beautiful ladies. 

Lucy gazing at the first dance.

and pooped out before she could get her groove totally on.
Wonderful wonderful wedding.
Love you Scott and Karin.