Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Grader

 We've been kicking back and enjoying these last lazy (sort of) days of summer.
Ahhh summer.  Never really appreciated it much until Lucy started school.
Even though my days dont change much (a girl's gotta work), knowing that Lucy
is happy and having a mental break from the hard work that is school relaxes me and
lets me have a mini-mental vacation.   Lucy is double happy, spending her days at art camp or with grandma and her weekends/vacations rocking out doing things that she loves like camping.

Learing to ride a two-wheeler.  She still needs work on that one.

cracking me up on the bus to the state fair

having her very very own stick of cotton candy

the butterfly house!  lucy loves it, i hate it

going on spinning dropping rides

and visiting with President Obama

yup today is our last day of summer vacation and
we are both feeling the stress of what 1st grade will bring.

I'm hoping she finds her joy in school and learning.
Wish us luck please.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Curly Hair Care

 oh curly hair care.  i've learned so much. I can keep her hair (mostly) healthy even when
she spends time almost every day in a chlorinated pool.
 I can do styles that last (and look decent) for a week or two.
 I can spend lots of money on product, but when I am out
of product and money I know how to use coconut oil and olive oil
scented with a few drops of essential oils.
when i do her hair, we can get by with a few tears and screams.
when i try to bring her in it's drama city and more tears then
the hair people are comfortable with.

I sure wish I could help her tenderheadedness ease up a bit.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I hid her broken crocs one night

the next morning I got this voice mail from her (and her babysitter).  She had her sneakers on already FYI ...

"momma, I don't know where they are.  Like, where are they?  I put them somewhere like they're just lost liek bye!  great! it's like there it is, right?  but where my croc's are, I don't even see them like I think Zeppelin at them.  Yeah, it's like any time my shoes are here now wehre could they be.  If i didn't do anything. I tidn't throw them around the house so um I don't know wehre they are.  but you can tell me where my crocs are ok?  this is a text message.  love you mom, bye.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello there

it's been so long since I've posted.  It's sad really.  This blog is mostly intended to be a record of sorts of Lucy's childhood.  I haven't even broke out the camera since mid July.  I blame this on our horribly hot summer.  All we do is swim and swimming + the camera do not equal success!  

here's a photo from vacation in July.  Doesn't Lucy look like a 20 year old?  Dang.

Despite the fact that summer vacation hasn't really been a vacation at all (aside from that week in July) we've had lots of summer fun.  Swimming in the backyard or at the Y almost every day.  Her hair is wrecked but she's getting so strong and staying happy (which means I am mostly sane).

Seeing the complete difference in Lucy's mood/affect/aura since she finished Kindergarten makes me sad.  It was a hard year for her but during the year, I didn't really notice how it was impacting her whole core.  It was when she stepped out of there, the very next day, her whole self was more relaxed and more happy.   Ugh. It's heartbreaking really.   I just want school to be fun for her, I want her to love learning.  Everything about it is so hard.  The social part, the academic part.   I do hope that 1st grade is better for her.

We still have the month of August to look forward to.  One week of staycation coming our way plus several weeks of daycamps and grandma care while I work.  

stay tuned. i hope to be more consistent from now on.