Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Grader

 We've been kicking back and enjoying these last lazy (sort of) days of summer.
Ahhh summer.  Never really appreciated it much until Lucy started school.
Even though my days dont change much (a girl's gotta work), knowing that Lucy
is happy and having a mental break from the hard work that is school relaxes me and
lets me have a mini-mental vacation.   Lucy is double happy, spending her days at art camp or with grandma and her weekends/vacations rocking out doing things that she loves like camping.

Learing to ride a two-wheeler.  She still needs work on that one.

cracking me up on the bus to the state fair

having her very very own stick of cotton candy

the butterfly house!  lucy loves it, i hate it

going on spinning dropping rides

and visiting with President Obama

yup today is our last day of summer vacation and
we are both feeling the stress of what 1st grade will bring.

I'm hoping she finds her joy in school and learning.
Wish us luck please.


rae said...

Good luck Lucy!!! I sure hope this is the year Sitotaw becomes your classmate.

StefB said...

Best of luck! And some for us too, please, as mine starts kindergarten!