Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Journey East

This weekend we decided to head east.  It was the 2nd annual February gathering of really cool people.   We journeyed nearly all the way across Wisconsin and ended up in the O.C..  We had a wonderful time.  Really really really.  It's so awesome to know now that Lucy (and I) can handle (mostly) chaos and schedule flopping.  I was sort of doubting this ability on Saturday morning but we bucked up and made it through.  Thanks to our awesome wonderful most coolest friends, we had a blast and made lots of new and good memories.  Lucy also ate her first hotdog.  Never could get her to eat those before. 
when we arrived Jayme and Diane were creating a hashbrown masterpiece that went wonderfully with the amazing cauliflower "hotdish" that Jayme made off of Deidre's blog that forever and forever changed my relationship to cauliflower and expensive cheese. Gimmeee more!

B-boy and Lucy Loo teamed up to get some laundry sorted.

Lucy and baby beautiful cleaned up some chips and salsa

the kids took turns roasting hotdogs over the fire

these two hardly had anytime to fight because there were so many other kids to distract

everyone had to help frost and decorate the half-birthday cake

baby beautiful was all over those pink sprinkles

all of a sudden my photos aren't self turning and i am at a loss for how to do it.

we walked through the snow and played at a park

we celebrated

it was a wonderful weekend.

so sorry we trashed your house D. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's been going on ...

We feel like we are coming close to the end of winter.  Things feel more managable, more hopeful. 
My New Years Resolution of catering less to Lucy's picky tastes in food is really paying off.  Our meals are more enjoyable, more diverse and healthier.  Lucy has started eating oatmeal (hearty oatmeal) for breakfast.  She's had lots of roasted veggies, black beans and rice, split pea soup and a bigger variety of pasta.  We are definately on a good road here.  Whew.
Lucy hasn't lost her spunkyness, her defiance or her spirit but she has grown a lot and when she is well rested and not hungry her extreme behaviors have centered a little.  She is easier and each day that goes by without extreme struggles seems to roll to future good days (much in the same way a bad morning can lead to a bad afternoon, to a bad evening).  We are having more good days then bad days and that is saying a lot given that we're still neck deep in ice and snow here.  NECK DEEP.

I leave you with a sample of the after dinner show that Lucy put on tonight.  Very cute.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Nancy ....

May your eternity be filled with music, warm sunshine, beautiful flowers, majestic birds and the peace you deserve.

we love you.
cancer sucks.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lucy loves ...

Lucy loves anyone her Auntie Jen wants her to love.  I support this but I really wish Auntie Jen would start wanting Lucy to love Bob Dylan, Ani DiFranco, Leonard Cohen, The Beastie Boys, Neil Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.  

For now I endure:

There are times when the only way I can stop her from misbehaving is to say "OH Lucy, Adam Lambert would not be happy if he saw you doing this/heard you saying that"  

Monday, February 8, 2010

Finding Sanity

Sunday morning started out on a very surly foot.  Whew.  My kid was a sassssy pants.  We needed an outing.  One that got us outside, amongst other people and moving our bodies.  We headed to the zoo.
Lucy found a soul mate.  We must have spent 1/2 an hour outside at this bear exhibit. 
Lucy and this bear talked to each other.  They touched each other through the glass.
I really think he soothed her soul.
When we got home she was really balanced, very nice and had a good attitude about helping me shovel.
ahhhhh the healing power of animals, exercise and outdoors. 


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things that don't make sense:

Lucy decided to fight with a brick wall at school.  The wall won. 
This bump had absolutely no impact on this child's energy level and
ability to talk talk talk talk talk.

Lucy is one of those kids that people like to "figure out" (and I am one of those people).  She's a mystery and it's futile to really try to solve the puzzle that is Lucy because she is also a shapeshifter.  OHHHH she's a tricky one.  

I've learned LONG ago not to cling to any particular food likes that she has.  The minute she loves somehting and I run out and buy more, Lucy decides to divorce that particular love.

Friends are the same story.  One minute Lucy and Yaime are dying for a playdate, they have one and then for weeks after they are sworn enemies.  

I might spend some time lamenting about how crazy active Lucy is, how I can't interest her in puzzles or books.  Lucy will walk in, grab a book and look through the pages for 10 minutes.

Today her teacher told me that Lucy shocked her by singing a song the class had been working on.  Seemed as if Lucy was not listing at all the past couple weeks, definately not participating but today she sings in as if she's been joining in all along.

Tonight I made cheesy rice for dinner.  Nothing offensive, pretty child friendly.  Lucy did not like it.  She really needed to be pressured to eat it.   After dinner I had her help me make "green puree", which is a mixture of 2 parts steamed spinach, 2 parts steamed brocolli, 1 part steamed sweet peas ... pureed.  The plan was to freeze it and add it to different foods.  I talked to Lucy about the power of the green vegetable.  Lucy decided to start eating the puree right out of the processor.  She probably ate about 1/2 cup.  Huh?  Whatever, tomorrow she won't even want to look at it.

I give up.