Thursday, August 28, 2008

All sorts of stuff

Whew ... it's been a busy couple weeks. With summer coming to an end we have had lots of changes. Lucy had her last day of daycare at the Y last week. With mixed emotions I pulled her from there for a couple weeks with grandma (to save some money) and then she'll be in full time preschool starting Sept 8.

I am excited about preschool and hope it provides her with some challenges but mostly fun. I am worried because there will be no opportunity for her to nap so I imagine that I'll have a baby bear on my hands most afternoons.

Lucy's asthma has been acting up so we've had lots and lots of nebulizers.

Our boys are going through lots of transitions too as Isaac will be starting kindergarten, he finishes his daycare today. It'll be a transition for both the big boys as Nathan is used to having his brother at daycare and now they'll be solo, off in different directions.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

When the moon hits your eye ...

Went camping last night with friend Sara, her niece Amy (same age as Lucy) and of course Lucy.

Some highlights:

1. a nice bike ride around the campground (for the girls)

2. coffee brewed in the outdoors (well the coffee was bad but the outdoors part was good)

3. cool brisk night

4. talking with Sara 'round the fire after getting the girls to sleep

5. camping

Some lowlights:

1. pit toilets

2. the moon waking me up ... initially I thought it was someone peering into our tent with a flashlight ... got over my "neither fight nor flight" survival skill and opened my eyes .. .got blinded by the bright moon over our rainflyless tent. couldn't get back to sleep

3. lucy waking up around the time the moon set and the sun rose

4. lucy crabbing at me for 2 straight hours after waking up at this unforsaken hour

5. me crabbing back at lucy (because I felt like I was 3 yrs old)

6. a little fight on a big rock

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

swim class

Lucy's personality really shines during swim class:

1. she's a little impatient (even with half the class missing and only 2 students, she had a hard time waiting her turn).
2. she's a little control freak ... she is supposed to wait for the teacher to tap her on the head and then turn onto her back to take a breath, Lucy taps herself on the head 3. she's independant, which means she doesn't think she has anything to actually learn from the teacher and she just jumps in practicing her own special skills.

4. she's a performer .. loves having an audience

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just 'cuz I liked the song

Family Picnic

WOW, the family picnic just got kicked up a notch. Now there is a wading pool with a zero depth entry! Sheesh, talk about fancy pants, it's too bad Lucy's mom didn't take any sort of swimming suit. Just as Lucy was getting pulled under due to the weight of her wet capris, Lucky's momma saved her with a swim diaper. Whew. We had a good time and Lucy is napping!

ps... heard in Mpls this morning ... upon seeing my necklace.
Lucy: nice necklace momma, it's really different

also heard:
Lucy: "no momma, you'd better not try it's really tricky"

Friday, August 15, 2008

In our house today ...

Lucy: "Miss Gloria said "LUCY go to sleep!!!"
Me: Did you go to sleep?
Lucy: No
Me: Why not?
Lucy: because, um just because um, well I was um, well the cartwheels were hard and because ummm I saw something remember yesterday, I saw something in my room and well ummm just because
Me: so you didn't take a nap?
Lucy: nope

Auntie Jen upon coming home from a work function:
"It was hot drinking tequilla standing in the sun"

Lucy: "grandpa is my best girl"

Me: I am so freakn' tired
Me: I just want to take a nap

Thursday, August 14, 2008

sleeeeeeppppp where arrrreeeeeee you????

I am having some UBER jealousy about this guys consistant ability to sleep past 7:00 in the morning (more like 7:30,8:00 and 8:30 isn't even noteworthy for him). I keep telling his mom, "I'm not mad, I'm bitter ... bitter". My kid gets an assortment of fancy gifts (ponies, gold, etc) if she happens to hit 7:00 a.m.. 6:30 a.m "isn't that bad really." COME ON LUCY. Now she's not even really taking naps, but that doesn't change her morning roosterishness. I hate that I'm not happy when I first see her in the morning ... I grunt and drag her to my room to see if I can catch another precious 10 minutes, and Lucy is the ever timely "snooze alarm". Every 30 seconds asking a question, poking at my eye, staring at me, kicking etc. My favorite is "momma look at that big spider" (there was no spider) but it sure the hell got me sitting up and wide awake. I tell you this honestly, she's really not that cute before 6:30...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I realized I've been posting photos and slide shows more then anything. Thought I'd post a little update on Lucy at age 39 months.

I can't believe how fast three year olds change. I mean, I expected rapid growth and development in the infant and toddler stages but once she turned three I really thought things would slow down and I'd be able to breathe during each "stage". Not so ... Lucy is doing things this week that she wouldn't have thought of last week. Her vocabulary and use of language changes every day. Her self-regulation is sloooowwwwlllly growing. Her physical abilities are changing just as fast as when she was an infant. It's unbelievable folks. WHEN DOES IT SLOW DOWN????

Oh Lucy, I love you so much it hurts. You are always in my thoughts ... you are at the core of my greatest joys, my greatest sorrows, my greatest anxieties and my greatest peace. I can't believe how love can grow. I honestly thought when I picked you up that amazing day in October 2005 ... I thought my heart would explode with love or something ... never could imagine it could be even bigger now.

Lucy you scare the bejesus out of me sometimes. There are loads of moments where I feel helpless and incompetant when I parent you. I feel such a huge weight of responsibility it's hard to breathe. There are other times when I look at you and think "shoot, I've done something right here ... this is the coolest most amazing kid ever in the history of the world."

It's been a struggle for me to let you grow and learn and not wrap you in a protective bubble where no one can hurt you. I hate warning you about stranger danger (not that you heed any warnings), I hate always checking you when I feel you are close to physical harm (carefull Lucy, not so close to the edge, slow down ...). I want you to be a little wild and crazy but I want you to live and grow and be safe and healthy ... uggggg the balance almost always escapes me.

Lucy I hope you don't hate me for sharing your child hood with the blog world. I think if I kept it to myself I literally might explode.

I love you you great big independant three year old. I love you a lot. I love you to the moon and back and forever ... and I love hearing you say those things to me too :), even if it's just a ploy to lengthen bedtime ...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cheese anyone?

Lucy has mastered the cheesy camera smile. Ahhh well ... either way she's cute.

Summers ....

Even though I work and for the most part summers are status quo regarding our M-F daytime schedule it still feels really wild and crazy this summer in our casa. We are less boxed in and our world is so much bigger. Some times it feels almost out of control. Maybe this is in part what is happening with Lucy at times. There are days when she is calm and peaceful and falls in the normal range of good/bad behaviors but then there are days when she seems "un boxed" in her emotions and behaviors. Like there's a glitch and whoooaaa baby stand back when the glitch kicks in.

Part of me (and I know I'll eat these words soon) longs for winter and the physical boundaries that winter puts in place in Minnesota. I feel like it'll give us a chance to catch our breaths and review all that has happened over the warmer months. Lucy has turned into a kid this summer. Today it occured to me that we just have incredibly easy conversations, its' no effort to understand what she wants and needs. Lucy can understand and accept delayed gratification. She can participate in our daily routine in a way that makes her a partner. It's a lot of fun.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ethiopian Culture Camp

Culture Camp adventures.

Lucy and I started our culture camp adventure on Friday morning. First stop (after coffee) was picking up the two Ethiopian teenagers that we offered to drive to camp.

The two teenagers and Lucy hit it off immediately. The girls were really sweet and a lot of fun to have along on our road trip.

We left at 10 a.m. and after driving in circles (it felt like it) and vowing to remember to mapquest next time (or at the very least LOOK at where I am going on a map) we arrived at camp around 5:30 pm. Lucy chomped at the bit to dive in the lake and to be honest I was ready as well. We managed to put the tent up and get our sleeping arrangements sorta laid out before Lucy hit the waves.

We ate dinner and got our bearings. Discovered that the bathrooms were WAY the heck up two hills. Ran into a couple of familiar faces but for the most part realized that we do NOT know every single family who have ever adopted from Ethiopia, and frankly realized that we really don't know anyone at all. After dinner we almost literally ran into Wendim. Lucy and Wendim rekindled their love ... and ran off up a trail into the woods. Diane shouted off such warnings as "be sure to bring Lucy back" and "no going into the lake" which of course had me pretending to be cool and laid back, and I held myself back from running into the woods for about 23 seconds. I am just not as cool as her even though I want my kid to end up as nice as hers are.

Friday night we got to bed late ...

Saturday morning started with great big smiles. Lucy literally woke up smiling, I saw her ... I was awake and sort of just laying there when she opened her eyes and had a huge smile. I wonder if she does that every morning or just in the tent with her momma right there. After waking up and hitting the bathroom/showers we were off to get coffee. 8:00 a.m. we were back at camp with a coffee and a cookie, Wendim was all over that cookie ... Saturday was a pleasant mix of child chasing, swimming, eating, and hanging out with friends. On account of the wild child/single mom mix I was unable to attend many of the educational activities. Time went fast since it took us about 1/2 hour to walk to the bathroom each time we had to visit. Lucy was all in her glory, being outside, near water, sand and people to talk to. She met a lot of new friends. Saturday afternoon we drove up the hill to buy ice, we didn't even get out of the driveway and Lucy was sleeping in the car. We pulled over into a shady neighborhood, opened the windows, turned off the car and we both slept (I even had a dream). Saturday evening we enjoyed traditional Ethiopian food and admired all the beautiful children in their traditional Ethiopian clothes (except Lucy cuz I forgot hers ... she did have her beautiful Amharic tshirt on).

Sunday was pack up day, more play opportunities for Lucy, Wendim and Irmao and time to say good bye. We left our two teens to say good bye to their friends and got real directions from the neighborhood gas station man, we returned to camp and picked up the girls and headed home. Sunday was the drive from he**. Lucy fell asleep in the first 5 minutes and slept for two hours which left about 4 1/2 hours for her to flip out about being trapped in a carseat. Fun stuff.

We'll totally be back next year.