Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Picnic

WOW, the family picnic just got kicked up a notch. Now there is a wading pool with a zero depth entry! Sheesh, talk about fancy pants, it's too bad Lucy's mom didn't take any sort of swimming suit. Just as Lucy was getting pulled under due to the weight of her wet capris, Lucky's momma saved her with a swim diaper. Whew. We had a good time and Lucy is napping!

ps... heard in Mpls this morning ... upon seeing my necklace.
Lucy: nice necklace momma, it's really different

also heard:
Lucy: "no momma, you'd better not try it's really tricky"


Mama Papaya said...

Beautiful pics Mama. Looks like great fun!

Sebrina said...

Luci's hair is gorgeous!!! When you do the two strand twists so you put something at the bottom to get them to hold or do they hold all by themselves? My daughters hair is getting long enough to do more then puffs with and I love the two strand twists but I wasn't sure if I needed something to hold them in place.