Thursday, August 28, 2008

All sorts of stuff

Whew ... it's been a busy couple weeks. With summer coming to an end we have had lots of changes. Lucy had her last day of daycare at the Y last week. With mixed emotions I pulled her from there for a couple weeks with grandma (to save some money) and then she'll be in full time preschool starting Sept 8.

I am excited about preschool and hope it provides her with some challenges but mostly fun. I am worried because there will be no opportunity for her to nap so I imagine that I'll have a baby bear on my hands most afternoons.

Lucy's asthma has been acting up so we've had lots and lots of nebulizers.

Our boys are going through lots of transitions too as Isaac will be starting kindergarten, he finishes his daycare today. It'll be a transition for both the big boys as Nathan is used to having his brother at daycare and now they'll be solo, off in different directions.

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