Friday, August 15, 2008

In our house today ...

Lucy: "Miss Gloria said "LUCY go to sleep!!!"
Me: Did you go to sleep?
Lucy: No
Me: Why not?
Lucy: because, um just because um, well I was um, well the cartwheels were hard and because ummm I saw something remember yesterday, I saw something in my room and well ummm just because
Me: so you didn't take a nap?
Lucy: nope

Auntie Jen upon coming home from a work function:
"It was hot drinking tequilla standing in the sun"

Lucy: "grandpa is my best girl"

Me: I am so freakn' tired
Me: I just want to take a nap

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3GenerationsFarm said...

Hysterical! You don't even want to know what was said in my home today - 3 girls and a 94 year old lady make for funny....