Saturday, August 23, 2008

When the moon hits your eye ...

Went camping last night with friend Sara, her niece Amy (same age as Lucy) and of course Lucy.

Some highlights:

1. a nice bike ride around the campground (for the girls)

2. coffee brewed in the outdoors (well the coffee was bad but the outdoors part was good)

3. cool brisk night

4. talking with Sara 'round the fire after getting the girls to sleep

5. camping

Some lowlights:

1. pit toilets

2. the moon waking me up ... initially I thought it was someone peering into our tent with a flashlight ... got over my "neither fight nor flight" survival skill and opened my eyes .. .got blinded by the bright moon over our rainflyless tent. couldn't get back to sleep

3. lucy waking up around the time the moon set and the sun rose

4. lucy crabbing at me for 2 straight hours after waking up at this unforsaken hour

5. me crabbing back at lucy (because I felt like I was 3 yrs old)

6. a little fight on a big rock


Christina said...

wow - that girlie knows how to say NO with some force! Rock on, Lucy, rock on. :)

Melanie said...

I had a vision of Morgan being there with his new found attitude and was highly competing for the loudest NO!!!! As strange as it seems that fight was cute.....NO.....YES.....NO....just such a kid fight.....
PS sorry bout the moon hitting your eye!!!! ;-(

cathy said...

If it had been all good, would it really have been camping???

John Wesley said...

You'll do it again, right? It will be better next time. Live and learn, as the saying goes.