Wednesday, August 20, 2008

swim class

Lucy's personality really shines during swim class:

1. she's a little impatient (even with half the class missing and only 2 students, she had a hard time waiting her turn).
2. she's a little control freak ... she is supposed to wait for the teacher to tap her on the head and then turn onto her back to take a breath, Lucy taps herself on the head 3. she's independant, which means she doesn't think she has anything to actually learn from the teacher and she just jumps in practicing her own special skills.

4. she's a performer .. loves having an audience


Nancy said...

Go Lucy Go! It is interesting to see the variety in the instruction techniques - Oregon, Minnesota, and Illinois :) I was impressed with her skills in your backyard pool in June. She is really progressing nicely.

From one momma to the other - I can appreciate your commitment in getting her to swimming lessons each week. It isn't always so easy to do - especially in the winter!

Mrs. Baker said...

Oh I totally get it.

The second day of swim and Habis teacher is on the other half of the pool bringing over another child...I turn over to watch and see Habi at the bottom of the pool. My heart literally stopped.

He too was sick of waiting and jumped right in himself. Talk about a close call.

These two....strong willed kiddos I will tell you!!!

Anonymous said...

Grandma has a heart attack every time she is at Lucy's swim lessons. The teacher is terrific, Lucy is fantastic, Grandma is a nervous wreck.

Anne said...

The sky is truly the limit for that girl. Go Lucy!!

jendabi said...

You are truly a wonderful story teller! And on top of that, a great sense of humor. This entry on Lucy and her swim lessons is one of my favorites.