Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The attention deficit dance

She's sweet she's sassy she's slow she's fast a song is too long and the diaper was clean!


On Sunday morning we went hiking with Mel and Morgan. It was a beautiful day and we were excited to enjoy it out doors and out of the city. Lucy LOVES the backpack. It was hard to convince her to do any hiking on her own two feet. I was able to sorty of bully her into it and she did great hiking up a large hill (I was glad to have her off my back for that part)! Morgan slept for 1/2 the hike and seemed comfy in the backpack as well. I imagine many more day hikes as the fall starts winding up.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We like bright colors!



We had a wonderful weekend. So sorry to be facing another Monday. A month or so ago Lucy received some new (used) dressers. She really needed these for clothes storage but the dressers were not at all my cup of tea! It brought me back to the crib. As I started the process I had my mom etc on the lookout for a used crib. The only requirements being "no shiny metal". My old employer called me one day saying a family she knew had a crib and changing table if I wanted them. I accepted. Well ... the crib had brass rails ... uggg ... anyway we made it work and the crib added a happy shiny feel to the bright orange/yellow/pink room. In the end I actually liked the crib. Well, along come the dressers. I appreciated the dressers, they are very well made and will last a long time. They just DID NOT fit into Lucy's room. Over the weekend I did some redecorating and I am pretty happy with the outcome. I will post a before and after photo. Included are a couple of Lucy's outfits from over the weekend. She puts together the most crazy wonderful looks!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Remembering ...

Two years ago I was waiting. I was waiting for better news about Lucy's health. I was waiting for more photos! Mostly I was waiting for the courts to reopen and for a travel date. I was nuts waiting. It was so hard to concentrate. I was full of anxiety and fear. I wanted to GOOOOOO and get her. I am going to try to post a video of Lucy a couple days after I met her. I was alone with her at the care center. The other families and my travel mates were out shopping. I was sick sick sick and stayed close to a bathroom. This was the ONE day that the nannies weren't clamoring to have Lucy downstairs with them, in fact they were too busy to take her ... so one of my first days of parenting involved me being sick and alone with Lucy! I hope the video works it wasn't the best quality ... and much like now, she wasn't overly cooperative with "acting" for the camera but here we go ...


Up for the challenge

In an attempt to answer this challenge. I resubmit this story. I just hope a retelling (for newer blog readers) will be enough to get D to publish the photos.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The family bedroom...

Well we've definately entered a new stage as Lucy barely makes it to 11pm in her own bed anymore. The good news is she falls right back to sleep in the cozy little bed I made her right next to my own (both of our mattressess are on the floor). The bad news is that my room is already barely bigger then my bed so now it's truely a "bedroom" and getting from the bed out the door is a bit of a gymnastics feat. I can handle this, especially this morning because she finally is sleeping past 6am. I do not mind having her in there with me but I have been a little peeved at the very early mornings this set up has created. This weekend I am getting something to darken the room a bit (I sleep in a converted sun room and my shades do little to contain the light from outside ... including the street and car lights all through the night). This morning at 6 she crawled into my bed and fell right back asleep! This was a first, normally any waking after 5 means up for the day. I have to say it was a nice little alarm clock having a little back to rub while I slowly woke up to start the day. I managed to get out of bed without waking her so I can resume my much much much adored ritual of 2 cups of coffee and blog reading/writing before I get busy parenting and heading out the door for work. It's 7:30, normally we leave at 7:20 so let's just say we're going to be late today but our bodies and souls need this peace and quiet this morning. Once again I give thanks for a flexible job.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The books don't apply ...

I have dragged out all the books. What to Expect, The Toddler Years ... First Time Mom ... The Baby Whisperer for Toddlers ... The Dog Whisperer... Lucy's problem is not in the book. I think she might have insomnia. This is not good when coupled with my insomnia. Here's how last night went ... Momma tossed and turned until about 2:30 a.m. ... finally felt that sweet relaxation of oncoming deep sleep when from what do my wandering ears do appear??? but a miniature voice from a baby monitor ... 3:00 a.m. the first whine, "momma" but it stopped right away. My body tensed up ... is she going to wake or sleep. Seemed like sleep ... my body starts relaxing ... 3:30 it comes again ... my body seizes ... I just don't want to deal with it ... but it quiets right away. Relax. Finally the big moment arrives at 5a.m. The bribe from the night before wasn't going to work 2 nights in a row! I carry her into the makeshift bed on my floor and to my surprise she falls right asleep. She sleeps til 7. In the last two nights I have decided to use the little bed by my bed in an effort to sleep and curb my frustration. For weeks now she has been waking up screaming bloody murder ... and I get that ... I go in and comfort her but she is either anxious or controlling but either way she WOULD NOT go back to sleep. We tried crying, holding, back rubbing, cosleeping etc ... but nothing would tip her from really relaxed to actually asleep. Several nights she would be awake for up to three hours. ARRRGGGHHHHH. Tonight I really really want a good night. It would be nice to pair her sleeping well with me not having to set my alarm for work. Keep in mind, this blog entry was written on very little sleep with Lucy still running around hence the bad grammar and the slightly off the cuff style.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Monday and Tuesday we had a mini-vacation with Isaac and Nathan (and their momma). Last year we went camping and had a great time. This year our plan was to do the same. Deb, the weather addict followed the dreary forecast in the days before the trip. Turns out a big storm was heading in the direction of the state park where we had reservations. We made last minute change of plans and headed to their family cabin. We had lots of fun ... still played in the tent, made smores and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors. Enjoy the video!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The travelling toddler

My daughter is a gem! She spent a long weekend going from place to place ... missing her naps and still was a complete joy to be around (even in restaurants). It was the annual Anderson women August get-away. We didn't go too far. Spent one night in Taylors Falls MN. In the morning we went to the "FAWN DOE Rosa" it's a deer park. Yeah I used to be all animal rights and now I take my kid to this sad little park where they coop up animals, that being said Lucy LOVED seeing the animals (very close up, not so much the deer) and she really really loved the pony ride!!! Later that evening my dad travelled up to watch Lucy while us grown-ups went on a dinner cruise down the St. Croix. It was a fabulous evening! The food was great, the boat wasn't crowded and the music was so nice. My dad managed to unwrap Lucy from his finger enough to convince her that going to bed was a good idea (I imagined her still awake at 10:30 p.m .. cuz' my dad can't stand to make her do anything). She woke up happy as a lark on Saturday morning. Off we went to play at a park by the river before the humidity and heat set in ... we then went to a winery (Lucy wasn't impressed). Lucy got to go swimming with her great-aunts, her grandma and her great-grandma while momma took photos from the side of the pool. She charmed everyone whereever we went. What a happy girl! None of us in Lucy's room were overjoyed when she started spreading her cheer at 5:30 this morning but hey she can't be perfect. Tomorrow morning we are off for the 2nd part of our vacation, camping with the boys. I keep telling Lucy that we will see Isaac and Nathan tomorrow to go swimming and camping and her only response is "No bite Nathan, Lucy no bite Nathan ... nice to Nathan" ... yeah ... she loves the boy to near death.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Why do you suppose????

Let's guess at why this article (the aol link headline: "Victims had No Criminal Records") made a point of stating that the students (the victims)shot execution style had no criminal records and were good kids .... I don't recall the victims criminal records at the other university shooting being brought up ... Edited to add ... since I posted this link the article at aol has been edited and the part about the victims non criminal background has been taken out.

Edit #2 ... Jayme found the original artical again with the part I had noticed originally. Click here if you are interested.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

our friend's wedding reception

My coworker/friend got married this weekend. I have been privy to all the planning and seeing bits and pieces of the decorations etc. Wow did it all come together! It was one of those weddings that was really really nice with out being outlandishly fancy/pricey. Mindy did so much of the work herself and her mom did the cooking (just like back in the day). Unfortunately I don't have any photos of all of this hard work ... chasing Lucy took up all my energy. The reception was held in a community center that houses an awesome indoor playground. We all got free passes to play ... how cool is that???? So the wedding video is mostly of Lucy playing.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bridge fell

It's hard to wrap my head around a entire section of freeway going over the Mississippi river in Minneapolis just collapsed. It's a part of Minneapolis that we drive over almost daily. We go over that bridge to go to Target, the grocery store and the "back way" to babysitting. I am so thankful that my loved ones are safe and at home. I am so sorry for those who are not so blessed.