Sunday, August 12, 2007

The travelling toddler

My daughter is a gem! She spent a long weekend going from place to place ... missing her naps and still was a complete joy to be around (even in restaurants). It was the annual Anderson women August get-away. We didn't go too far. Spent one night in Taylors Falls MN. In the morning we went to the "FAWN DOE Rosa" it's a deer park. Yeah I used to be all animal rights and now I take my kid to this sad little park where they coop up animals, that being said Lucy LOVED seeing the animals (very close up, not so much the deer) and she really really loved the pony ride!!! Later that evening my dad travelled up to watch Lucy while us grown-ups went on a dinner cruise down the St. Croix. It was a fabulous evening! The food was great, the boat wasn't crowded and the music was so nice. My dad managed to unwrap Lucy from his finger enough to convince her that going to bed was a good idea (I imagined her still awake at 10:30 p.m .. cuz' my dad can't stand to make her do anything). She woke up happy as a lark on Saturday morning. Off we went to play at a park by the river before the humidity and heat set in ... we then went to a winery (Lucy wasn't impressed). Lucy got to go swimming with her great-aunts, her grandma and her great-grandma while momma took photos from the side of the pool. She charmed everyone whereever we went. What a happy girl! None of us in Lucy's room were overjoyed when she started spreading her cheer at 5:30 this morning but hey she can't be perfect. Tomorrow morning we are off for the 2nd part of our vacation, camping with the boys. I keep telling Lucy that we will see Isaac and Nathan tomorrow to go swimming and camping and her only response is "No bite Nathan, Lucy no bite Nathan ... nice to Nathan" ... yeah ... she loves the boy to near death.


cathy said...

what a blessing you have so many family members to be with. lucy will have sweet memories. her eyes!!! they always sparkle! she's gorgeous.

curlz1205 said...

Thanks for the update! I thought we would be without till at least Tuesday! Now the Southside update as of Noon Monday--Phones now disconnected, but we have computers till Tuesday. Desks? Maybe by the time you return (don't hold your breath!)