Wednesday, September 28, 2011


How are you?
 We are fine.  It seems like when things get exhausting the blog is the first thing neglected.  Far better to neglect the blog then the kid, dog, cat, house etc but still I hate neglecting the blog.  With fall upon us and
school hitting us hard we find ourselves sticking close to home Monday - Friday.  It gets a little lonely for both of us but cramming in errands, playdates or out of the neighborhood activities gets overwhelming really fast. 

Lucy is still sporting much better behaviors in first grade, working hard and having some fun too.
Currently she is all about space aliens.  Are they real?  Could they be real?  Are they in our attic?  What would happen if ...   She is also into ghosts. Seeing them, hearing them, getting woke up at night because of them, telling me that they like to hang out by my bed (spooky stuff). 

Yesterday I amazed her when I confirmed that yes, real cops wear panties under their uniforms.  I love being able to amaze her with my wealth of unproven information. 

Hope to see you all again very soon. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

First Week of First Grade (fwfg)

Well I haven't picked her up yet today (Friday) but I can report that Monday - Thursday went good for Lucy at school.  I have hope.  I swear to whoever that if the blog-effect ruins this in any way, you will NOT be hearing from me regarding any positive school news any more. 

At home things are a little more, shall we say, fireworky.  Yeah. I get all the stuff that she so diligently holds inside of her during the school day and AIN'T THAT WHAT MOM'S ARE FOR??!!  I can handle it.

I can't however handle her 6am wake up calls very well, so I could use a little magic morning sleeping dust please.  6:40 is fine.