Friday, September 2, 2011

First Week of First Grade (fwfg)

Well I haven't picked her up yet today (Friday) but I can report that Monday - Thursday went good for Lucy at school.  I have hope.  I swear to whoever that if the blog-effect ruins this in any way, you will NOT be hearing from me regarding any positive school news any more. 

At home things are a little more, shall we say, fireworky.  Yeah. I get all the stuff that she so diligently holds inside of her during the school day and AIN'T THAT WHAT MOM'S ARE FOR??!!  I can handle it.

I can't however handle her 6am wake up calls very well, so I could use a little magic morning sleeping dust please.  6:40 is fine. 

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cathy said...

Glad it's going well. And my entire life is "she holds it together at school and lets it out at home." I understand.