Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Beautiful Boys

 Prayers and good vibes needed.  These boys and their parents who have been in Lucy's life since before she came home who are such an important part of her story and who we love like brothers/sons are needing some love.

Their daddy has cancer. Things are looking grim.

Please surround these sweeties and their mom and dad in all the love and healing you can muster. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It is Time.

The time is rapidly approaching.  We must travel back to Ethiopia.  Almost every night the questions are coming, "were you there when I came out of her tummy?"  "is she alive?"  "did I cry in the orphanage"  "I think she is dead..." 

Her heart and mind are open right now.  The questions I can not answer are coming forth and although there is no guarantee that the answers will come when we travel, at least she'll have a connection that she can remember, at least she'll know we tried and that I support her in her quest.

Our biggest burden is finances.  I cut my last credit card with the adoption tax credit and it's a huge relief not having that burden.  I don't have a solid savings and stinky life situations (fractured elbows, bad teeth, rising gas prices...) keep our savings from blooming. 

Our goal is Spring 2014. 

First step is getting the girl a passport.