Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hi friends,

It's hard to believe it's 2014 and little Lucy is about to head to 3rd grade!  Third grade.  What a monster time can be sometimes.  It goes so fast.  Lucy is still the funniest, most social, beautiful girl in all of Minneapolis.  Not that I'm partial or anything.  We've had an amazing summer.  Long weekend in Madison with some dear friends,  a trip to Stout's Resort (Island of Happy Days) with Deb and the boys,  a week at an RV resort with grandma and grandpa and two visits from Auntie Jen.

 bonded with our new friends

 enjoyed the outdoors

 learned a teeny tiny bit about the art of relaxing

 lots of love from the grandparents

 developed an interest in creating recipes and cooking

 rocked out to Katy Perry

ate delicious bad food

We also said goodbye to our friend Eric, daddy to our three boys.  Eric died in October after fighting cancer for 9 months.  The world is definitely a sadder place since Eric left.

Hope to see you soon friends.  I really want to preserve this blog for Lucy to look back on.  It's so much fun! An electronic 'baby book'.