Sunday, June 28, 2009

1st Annual MN-WI-IL Ethio-Adopt Family Camping Extravaganza

First a disclaimer: the photos are out of whack (order) and I am outta energy so I present the 1st Annual MN-WI-IL Ethio-Adopt Family Camping Extravaganza in much the chaotic beauty it was in real life.

Twas a weekend in the HEAT of July that several families did decide to have a casual weekend of camping together at some state park in Wisconsin (Kegonsa something). For our group it took many many hours of driving and whining to arrive at our campsite. It was totally worth it!

We had about an hour (probably less) of rain/thunder/lightening on Saturday evening. Just had time to participate in the smore recipe competition. This year it was won by Kelli and family. Next year, I shall perfect my recipe, buy the right cookies and I will WIN that darn contest. I also will try more then two smores.

Here on Saturday a fledgling of some sort got the boot from the nest only to find himself in the most unfortunate of circumstances: a campsite FULL of curious, loud children. The poor bird couldn't fly away even given all the incentives.
Later that same day Lucy, Elijah and Izzy kicked it with Pocket Edward (not visible) I managed to capture the one split second that they all layed there.

Also on Saturday Lucy demonstrated the ability to just sit there for a minute.

Here I am super-star babysitter getting baby Og to sleep at the playground. Enjoying having an excuse to just sit there while my child dangled helplessly from the monkey bars.

We were fortunate to have Meghan's three big kids in attendance as they graciously provided lots of rides, participated in chasing and all around nicely accepted copious amounts of attention and flirting from one Miss Lucy.

we apologize to the future users of sites 31-32 for the ankle twisting hole, it was a group effort.

Lucy's baby came camping too ... always turn the battery operated babies off before getting into a dark tent in the woods ... freak-me-the-he**-out

thank heavens we managed to squeeze in the hula-hoops. seriously hours of entertainment

um delicious

Lucy is overwhelmingly in love with baby Og

pancake breakfast for all provided by Diane and her boys.

sooooo sleepy

an announcement. Lucy and Wendim are engaged.

children of the woods

um yum

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The party before the party ...

Isaac broke his arm (not while I was babysitting him) and got a new "swim cast"

Morgan is in love with Maia

The hula hoops are always a hit

Lucy and Maia put on a little rock show

I like this idea of turning babysitting into a big ole party. I didn't get any photos of the pool part because it was dangerous enough when both of my hands were free. Like Micheal J. Fox said: "basically the first several years of life is like suicide watch" regarding parenting. Was he ever right!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tonight ...

Tonight was one of those nights we needed after a hectic, tiring weekend and a long work-week before that. I picked Lucy up from school and we basically went from car to house to swimsuit to pool only stopping for one (forced) cup of water to drink.

We had fun swimming in our pool for over an hour. I floated around enjoying the cool water and watching Lucy do all sorts of fancy tricks in the pool. Just me and Lucy, no phone, no neighbors no no one during that time. I made dinner and Lucy had a couple minor (for her) melt-downs but pulled herself out and declared that she was going to "totally try that stuff you're making momma, and ask for more just like a grown up". To my surprise and delight she followed through with her own plan and gobbled down dinner like there was no tomorrow.

We then played for awhile, Lucy dancing and building a living room obstacle course and me being the very engaged spectator (at her beck and call ... me being undistracted definitely limits her frustrations).

At 7pm I cut up almost half a cantaloupe and set Lucy up on the sofa watching a movie while I checked email. At 7:15 the cantaloupe was all gone and Lucy was sound asleep. Given the half a cantaloupe and the pre-potty fall asleep I decided to use some remaining pull-ups that are stashed in her closet and changed her into them while she was sleeping ... she didn't even stir. Crazy!

I love evenings like that, the early slumber was a bonus but tonight it would have been just dandy if she stayed up until 8 pm and we did our bedtime routine together. Lucy was a sweet heart tonight and I was SOOOOOO HAPPY to have her all to myself. We definitely have to plan more mommy/daughter nights.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mehaber and Father's Day

This weekend was the annual Ethiopian Kids Community summer Mehaber (picnic). The first stop of any Ethiopian kids picnic is of course, the TATTOOS ... Lucy needed some ink.

Lucy and Morgan showing solidarity during a kids game.

Nora joined us in some dancing during the opening ceremony.

The kids have some rhythm.

Stroller parking lot.

Jumping off lunch.

A waiting single momma with her niece and nephew. OHHH I hope that she has her baby home next year.

2/3 of the Bemidji sisters

a goofball in the elevator

Nora the super model. Her mom claims that she has had no professional portraits.

but really, look at her, clearly senior portrait poses

Nora tilt your head slightly toward the right and look up a little. Now we just need to add the fuzzy dreamy look ...

Lucy slept in the closet until 3am when she bounced into bed with mommy.

from the hotel straight to grandpas for father's day boat ride and fishing

she had to swim to shore we ran out of gas.
actually lucy and grandma went swimming at the beach while momma and grandpa landed the boat.

sand castles with grandpa

sleeping off the weekend. whew.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


it only took 6 M&M's

to bribe her to pick out her clothes, get dressed

and eat her whole bowl of cheerios while NOT fussing when I did her hair this morning
and the beauty was the she had the chocolate high at school not at home!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend gone

I should be relieved that Lucy seems to be on the mend. Her fever never got above 101 today and she only had two doses of fever reducer. She seemed pretty active but a little moody, probaby bored. I must use this platform once again as a whining post.

I wanted to do so much this weekend. Saturday afternoon I wanted to take my girl for a mother daughter hike. Sunday we were going to the zoo to see the Africa Exhibit as the next couple weekends are full and who knows what will happen after that. Summers go too quick to waste time sitting in a house managing a fever. Dumb fever.

Well ... here's to hoping Lucy sleeps through the night and doesn't get an unmanageable fever as I am not waking up to check her temp and give her meds tonight. I hope that she wakes up with no fever and keeps it at bay through the day. I am sure my mother who has been held hostage here also hopes that Lucy gets better so she can go home. She'll be providing child care Monday for sure.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well the weekend so far sucks. Poor Lucy is so sick, again. Lucy woke up Friday morning with a fever. The fever was controlled by motrin but she woke up feverish this morning as well. This afternoon about 1/2 hour before she was due for more motrin her fever went up to 104.5. So far I haven't been able to get the fever to go below 101 since that spike. Lucy has been eating and drinking normally. I hate nighttime when Lucy is struggling with a fever, her fevers go so high and are so uncontrollable it is hard to relax. OH please let it be gone tomorrow. I'll be up on and off all night giving her motrin and tylenol in cycles ... and then hopefully will be able to back off on the drug giving with the morning light.

Friday, June 12, 2009

so close I can almost taste it ....


We are a few short hours away from a break from the crazy. A few short hours away from time together. Time to stand still (as still as 4 yr olds stand). Time to stand outdoors. Time together. I think this has been a ginormously long week and I am looking forward to pausing.