Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Book Review Time

I haven't done any reviews on this blog. Other then to talk about Edward now and then, and maybe give some shout outs to tylenol and motrin. So I thought I'd take a minute and talk about a new (to me) series I have been reading. I have yet to buy the last two books. I am not normally what one would describe as a science fictiony type of girl. Seriously I like my fluffy romance novels, I love historical fiction and I like non-fiction. A lot of days I barely have time to read an article in a magazine. This series by Scott Westerfeld is really great. Like the Twilight series I imagine it's written for the teen crowd but I was captivated. I liked the character development and while there was no Edward to fawn over, I imagine David to be the old politically active hippy type that I kinda dig on in real (non vampire) life.

The first book set the stage (duh). Basic premise is that the books are set in the future after humans "rusties" nearly destroyed the world and all nearly perished due to some oil related virus. In the futuristic model world, people live in Uglytown (I really can't remember the actual name) until they turn a certain age when they have an operation that renders them pretty much perfect in every way and they can move into New Pretty Town. The main character does all sorts of rebellious teenage things and discovers that there is another world outside the well kept boundaries of her city. In Pretties the main character's role and personality becomes more defined. I read this in one night. I still haven't had time to go to the book store for the next book. Maybe I'll start re-reading the first two and THEN I will buy the others.
Lucy by the way has made it through her first two full days of summer camp. Tonight she was pretty good. No really good. Tonight she was fun to be with. I decided to focus on her, stay of fthe phone as much as possible and just have fun. We were in our pool within 5 minutes of getting home, both of us in the pool (brrrrr). I let Lucy mix up one of her concoctions: 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, this mornings coffee grounds, sesame seeds, about 1 cup of coffee from this morning, two emptied tea bags (good earth original) some broken spagetti noodles and a couple pieces of pepperoni.... yummm. She was very content to do this while I made dinner. I love nights like tonight.

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Gracie's Mom said...

I'm working tonight and thank goodness it's slow. I might be able to finish Pretties. I've already ordered Specials from Amazon. Luv this series