Thursday, June 25, 2009

The party before the party ...

Isaac broke his arm (not while I was babysitting him) and got a new "swim cast"

Morgan is in love with Maia

The hula hoops are always a hit

Lucy and Maia put on a little rock show

I like this idea of turning babysitting into a big ole party. I didn't get any photos of the pool part because it was dangerous enough when both of my hands were free. Like Micheal J. Fox said: "basically the first several years of life is like suicide watch" regarding parenting. Was he ever right!


jayme said...

That's a good quote. I've always said that parenting is sort of like jumping out of an airplane with an untested parachute.

And your house always looks like so much fun! See you tonight!

Mama Papaya said...

You are a brave, fun soul. I want to pour a little pinot and hide under the sofa just looking at the pictures.

M and M said...

I love Lucy! (it's great to be able to say that!)

risa said...

Maia sure has grown and I didn't know Issac had broken his arm...crazy kids!