Sunday, June 28, 2009

1st Annual MN-WI-IL Ethio-Adopt Family Camping Extravaganza

First a disclaimer: the photos are out of whack (order) and I am outta energy so I present the 1st Annual MN-WI-IL Ethio-Adopt Family Camping Extravaganza in much the chaotic beauty it was in real life.

Twas a weekend in the HEAT of July that several families did decide to have a casual weekend of camping together at some state park in Wisconsin (Kegonsa something). For our group it took many many hours of driving and whining to arrive at our campsite. It was totally worth it!

We had about an hour (probably less) of rain/thunder/lightening on Saturday evening. Just had time to participate in the smore recipe competition. This year it was won by Kelli and family. Next year, I shall perfect my recipe, buy the right cookies and I will WIN that darn contest. I also will try more then two smores.

Here on Saturday a fledgling of some sort got the boot from the nest only to find himself in the most unfortunate of circumstances: a campsite FULL of curious, loud children. The poor bird couldn't fly away even given all the incentives.
Later that same day Lucy, Elijah and Izzy kicked it with Pocket Edward (not visible) I managed to capture the one split second that they all layed there.

Also on Saturday Lucy demonstrated the ability to just sit there for a minute.

Here I am super-star babysitter getting baby Og to sleep at the playground. Enjoying having an excuse to just sit there while my child dangled helplessly from the monkey bars.

We were fortunate to have Meghan's three big kids in attendance as they graciously provided lots of rides, participated in chasing and all around nicely accepted copious amounts of attention and flirting from one Miss Lucy.

we apologize to the future users of sites 31-32 for the ankle twisting hole, it was a group effort.

Lucy's baby came camping too ... always turn the battery operated babies off before getting into a dark tent in the woods ... freak-me-the-he**-out

thank heavens we managed to squeeze in the hula-hoops. seriously hours of entertainment

um delicious

Lucy is overwhelmingly in love with baby Og

pancake breakfast for all provided by Diane and her boys.

sooooo sleepy

an announcement. Lucy and Wendim are engaged.

children of the woods

um yum


M and M said...

We brought home the net apparal that Lucy wore so fashionably during the weekend :-) Someone is missing this essential item - but I don't know who!

Heather said...

It looks like fun! I know the campground you were at. It isn't far from our home. I am glad you had a good time!

Holly Fisher said...

Is Ethio-adopt a Facebook group? A Yahoo group?
Looks like a great weekend!

Stacy said...

Holly .. it was just the name i quick came up with as the one thing that tied our camping group together was ethiopian adoption ...

Teri said...

I love the camping pictures. I especially like the engagement one. How cute!

Mama Papaya said...

As soon as the thought of trekking across country with my two does not send me into the hall closet with a bottle of wine, I am completely crashing this weekend. What fun!