Monday, June 22, 2009

Tonight ...

Tonight was one of those nights we needed after a hectic, tiring weekend and a long work-week before that. I picked Lucy up from school and we basically went from car to house to swimsuit to pool only stopping for one (forced) cup of water to drink.

We had fun swimming in our pool for over an hour. I floated around enjoying the cool water and watching Lucy do all sorts of fancy tricks in the pool. Just me and Lucy, no phone, no neighbors no no one during that time. I made dinner and Lucy had a couple minor (for her) melt-downs but pulled herself out and declared that she was going to "totally try that stuff you're making momma, and ask for more just like a grown up". To my surprise and delight she followed through with her own plan and gobbled down dinner like there was no tomorrow.

We then played for awhile, Lucy dancing and building a living room obstacle course and me being the very engaged spectator (at her beck and call ... me being undistracted definitely limits her frustrations).

At 7pm I cut up almost half a cantaloupe and set Lucy up on the sofa watching a movie while I checked email. At 7:15 the cantaloupe was all gone and Lucy was sound asleep. Given the half a cantaloupe and the pre-potty fall asleep I decided to use some remaining pull-ups that are stashed in her closet and changed her into them while she was sleeping ... she didn't even stir. Crazy!

I love evenings like that, the early slumber was a bonus but tonight it would have been just dandy if she stayed up until 8 pm and we did our bedtime routine together. Lucy was a sweet heart tonight and I was SOOOOOO HAPPY to have her all to myself. We definitely have to plan more mommy/daughter nights.

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Nancy said...

Glad you had time with your brilliant girl and found some peace in that. Canteloupe sounds so good.

I bet she is an amazing swimmer!