Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Growing up ...

In between the sassyness, the potty talk, the inability to hear me, and the tantrums I see glimpses of this really really kid like Lucy.

She can pick out outfits that are generally fit for public viewing. She feeds the dog without supervision. She cleans her room, picks up her toys and occasionally is actually helpful with dinner/dishes.

Mornings go really smoothly these days (aside from the consistant pre-7am rising). I know I know I am totally screwing myself right now because of the blog effect but ... She'll actually sit and watch Sesame Street or Wiggles etc for about 1/2 an hour after she wakes up. Then as I make her lunch and breakfast Lucy will get her self dressed. She'll sit and eat breakfast most days with out needing me to super glue her bottom to the chair. We play with Zeppelin and then head out the door to preschool, easy peasy.

I need to stop every once and awhile and recognize these wonderful gains.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Song for Silas

Fall has arrived in Minnesota! We love it. Cool, crisp weather. Homemade chili, home made applesauce ... yummmy.

We are still rooting for Silas. He has made some serious improvements but still needs more thoughts and prayers. Please send them his way.

Lucy sends him a song:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


How could it be that tomorrow is only Thursday????   This week has been hecka long.  Way too long.  It's been nice having a few nights in a row just staying at home.  Sometimes what the doctor orders is some good old fashioned cocooning.  We've been doing that this week.  Aside from school/daycare and swim class tonight we have just stayed.  We'll also stay tomorrow night.  

I have approximately 4 1/2 months to choose a school for Lucy.   It freaks me out and I honestly would like to give that control over to someone else.  Come 3rd grade I'd like to point fingers at someone else and say "why on EARTH did you ever think XXXXX Elementary would be a good place for Lucy, were you high?"   That being said, I should be all appologetic and say something about the privelige I have to be able to choose from several just fine schools for my daughter.  I am grateful for our education system in Minnesota.  I am still anxious and scared about having to choose, and further more am anxious and scared that after making the decision, I might not even get that hard to come to first choice. 

Our friend Silas is still "in the woods" so to speak.  Please continue to send your healing thoughts and prayers to him and his family. 

Monday, September 21, 2009


Tonight Lucy had a major 3 alarm melt-down tantrum.  She was out - of - her - mind.  I was cool, calm waters (on the outside).   The tantrum ended peacefully.  I have a huge headache, and can only imagine that she felt the same.   Lucy fell asleep quickly tonight.  I hope she has a long slumber.

We are spending a lot of time thinking about  Silas.  He is still so sick.  I feel overwhelmed with worry for him and his family.  I look at Lucy and all her ups and downs, her big rage and am just so thankful that I have her and all her "spitfireness".    I hope with all my might that he is healed completely and quickly, that Tiffany and Dave get their amazing boy back in all of his bright shining 4 year old glory.  I can't imagine going through this.

Lucy has made some breakthroughs.  She has learned to trace, which was a big step for her.  Lucy has taken interest in learning (in short short spurts) to write letters and shapes.  She loves having a note book and a marker in the car and just draws away whenever we drive anywhere.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roller skating ...

Today was Alex's birthday party.  He choose roller skating.  Lucy was soooo excited!

Aimee (Alex's mom) helped get Lucy get out on the rink,
they stopped to chat it up with the people at the party table.

Lucy loved being out on the rink.  She fell a lot and it took us about 15 minutes to go around once
but she kept on truckn'

Isaac was also keen on being out on the rink. 

Lucy and Nathan try out some of the party favors.

she's darn cute

Miss Cool!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Some days are challenging. OK let's be honest, as a whole MOST days are challenging. Some moments are more challenging and some moments are more magical. Coming home from work this after noon was less then magical. I walk in the playroom, she scowls. Go back to work she hisses. UGGGGHHH. You know, some days it takes every single drop of reserve I have to not turn and leave. Fake the smile, fake the serenity ... fake it until you make it. It's always those transitions that prove most difficult. Dropping off, picking up, starting dinner, finishing dinner, arriving, departing ... Doesn't help when these days start at 6:30.
Doesn't help that I go through these moments, and then go to work with families who are also challenging, amongst children that are challenging and co-workers (not Mel) who quite frankly are challenging.

but at the end of the day, I know, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love Lucy for all she is, the energy, the full-on 100% engaged in life and all its emotions. She does it all full-on.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

ansels in the body series

Momma, I have ansels in my body ...

they are wiggling around in there
giggle giggle giggle ... hmmmmmmm ok Lucy

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Happy 3rd birthday sweet boy. We love you so much and are so thankful you are part of our lives.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

this little boy

Silas, the brand new 4 yr old in the red shirt(had his birthday this past weekend) needs your thoughts, prayers, good wishes whatever you can send him. We had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with Silas and his family (and other families) on Friday night. He was vivacious, beautiful and full of life on Friday. Three days later Silas was fighting for his life. He is currently in stable but serious condition with collapsed lungs and he has a long recovery ahead of him. His whole family could use your thoughts, prayers and good wishes right now. I can't imagine. Silas, Lucy and I are thinking of you and hoping you shock everyone with a very speedy and full recovery REALLY SOON.

the last first day of preschool

BFF's playing on the last first day of preschool

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jayme and the Wondertwins

I apologize for the photo heavy posts of late but there have been far too many cutie pies in my life and so many photo ops, I just can't resist. Plus given the state of my brain lately it's better to have more photos, less words. With the magic of the sunshine kids radian 80, i was able to fit three 5 point car seats into my pt cruiser! Who needs a minivan. Jayme and the Wondertwins came for a short (too short) visit. We managed to do a lot in our short time.
We met Mel and Morgan at the park and ride and hopped on the bus to the Great Minnesota Get Together.

The kids were ready to rock and roll at the state fair!

Illinois Twins meet Minneapolis Twins.

Illinois twins meet the other kind of MN Twins.

rides on the kidway.

they had so much fun taking over the rides!

Lucy had her hair glittered (the colors that she longed for were WAY too expensive)

but the people watching helped Lucy feel better about the cheaper glitter by ooohing and ahhhing over her sparkly hair

Lucy at the Little Farm Hands exhibit

on the bus ride home

E. at Jakeenos.

Labor Day Weekend Saturday - Monday

Well we've survived our second to last camping trip of 2009. I can't believe it's September. Lucy's last year of preschool. We've had a super great summer. Full of outdoor fun. We really discovered our camping groove, we both love it. This weekend we tried a new (for us) park. Banning. I've never camped there with kids. Our cousins Mike, Terri and Sam and Jack joined us for the first night. What fun. The kids got to really play together and do some bonding without all the normal hullabaloo of large groups, huge meals or gifts to disrupt. Always bring buckets and shovels camping. Dirt, rocks and water can provide hours of fun entertainment for the under 7 crowd.
When dirt just isn't enough, you need to pull out the magnets. We discovered that Banning State Park must be very "irony" as many slivers of rocks stuck to the magnets.

Lucy tried to claim that she was bigger then Sam. Not so much.
Roasting marshmallows.
We want more smores.
The next morning Mike demonstrated his manly hatcheting skills. He did suffer a minor injury but the kids remained at a safe distance.
We had a geocaching failure. Thankfully later that day Terri and Sam circumvented the need for a gps and just phoned for help. The two of them were very very goal orientated. Sam, next time we'll find it quicker.

Rocks, kids and water = fun fun fun.
Post nap ipod. Sara joined us for both nights of camping fun.
After nap we went on a 1.8 mile hike. Lucy walked the whole way and we sooooo good!