Tuesday, December 14, 2010

snow daze

Lucy got her first snow days off of school.  In a crazy, never heard of move, our public schools shut down for two days due to a blizzard, not knowing what to do with all the snow, and frigid temperatures.  Wow, she is ready to get out of this house!
 on Sunday we trudged through snow as deep as Lucy's hips to get to a bus stop. we had tickets to a concert and we were going to attempt to get there.  we waited over 20 minutes for our 2nd bus, and as we waited our damp feet got increasingly cold and painful.  Lucy was bawling. The drunk men at the bus stop felt bad for her, and so did I so we went across the street to Subway and had some lunch warming our bare feet in our mittens.  Our friend Eric had his 4 wheel drive out and he rescued us!

 Monday, school was closed and so was my work.  We celebrated with a play date with Morgan, S & B
 We made home made ice cream in plastic bags, made it green. Ate it.

 followed it up with pizza.

 "quiet time" had Zep the dog begging for them to plow the streets so school could resume a.s.a.p!

 Lucy and S hung out in the ottoman.

Zep thinks it's B.S. that he ain't got no bed, insisting on curling up on our throw pillow.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

a snowy day

We were trapped (almost literally) in the house today.  We had a blizzard. SO MUCH SNOW!  It was pretty exciting for awhile, then the reality of the situation hit and it got precarious.  I almost lost it when we lost cable and Internet for a few hours.  Whew.  Shockingly Lucy and I made it through the entire day together with very little fighting. 

 we used a lot of glitter. lots of glitter.  so glittery.

                                                   why it pays to be a cardiac doctor in Minnesota in the winter

                                                   the car was buried under snow drifts

view from the front door.

                                                       Navigating the stairs was hard with her little legs!

Lucy drew a house and decorated the roof.  The drawing was pretty but the most amazing thing is that she used crayons. My sharpie hiding is paying off!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow and Santa

It snowed. I shovelled (a little).  We had a semi-private in home visit with Santa. 

right after i snapped this, Santa turned to me and asked "does she want me to answer her questions, or just listen to her questions?"  as Lucy rapid fired off the questions to Santa.  How many elves do you have (600), where are they (working), where are the reindeer? (north pole) Who made your gloves? (the elves), How did you get here? (plane), I like your hat (thanks),  can I touch your beard? (sure).