Saturday, December 11, 2010

a snowy day

We were trapped (almost literally) in the house today.  We had a blizzard. SO MUCH SNOW!  It was pretty exciting for awhile, then the reality of the situation hit and it got precarious.  I almost lost it when we lost cable and Internet for a few hours.  Whew.  Shockingly Lucy and I made it through the entire day together with very little fighting. 

 we used a lot of glitter. lots of glitter.  so glittery.

                                                   why it pays to be a cardiac doctor in Minnesota in the winter

                                                   the car was buried under snow drifts

view from the front door.

                                                       Navigating the stairs was hard with her little legs!

Lucy drew a house and decorated the roof.  The drawing was pretty but the most amazing thing is that she used crayons. My sharpie hiding is paying off!


Jebena said...

Happy Holidays you two!

Nancy said...

I promise to never again complain about Chicago weather. Promise, promise, promise.