Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Growing up ...

In between the sassyness, the potty talk, the inability to hear me, and the tantrums I see glimpses of this really really kid like Lucy.

She can pick out outfits that are generally fit for public viewing. She feeds the dog without supervision. She cleans her room, picks up her toys and occasionally is actually helpful with dinner/dishes.

Mornings go really smoothly these days (aside from the consistant pre-7am rising). I know I know I am totally screwing myself right now because of the blog effect but ... She'll actually sit and watch Sesame Street or Wiggles etc for about 1/2 an hour after she wakes up. Then as I make her lunch and breakfast Lucy will get her self dressed. She'll sit and eat breakfast most days with out needing me to super glue her bottom to the chair. We play with Zeppelin and then head out the door to preschool, easy peasy.

I need to stop every once and awhile and recognize these wonderful gains.


Jess said...

what a big girl!

Mindy and Baldwin said...

Thanks for sharing Lucy with us. I think one of the main reasons that I love your blog so much is that in some ways it helps me to see glimpses of my future with DD and what kind of girl she might be.

On a side note- Lucy is getting all long and string beany looking! She looks like she's on a major growth spurt in the direction of being TALL!