Monday, September 21, 2009


Tonight Lucy had a major 3 alarm melt-down tantrum.  She was out - of - her - mind.  I was cool, calm waters (on the outside).   The tantrum ended peacefully.  I have a huge headache, and can only imagine that she felt the same.   Lucy fell asleep quickly tonight.  I hope she has a long slumber.

We are spending a lot of time thinking about  Silas.  He is still so sick.  I feel overwhelmed with worry for him and his family.  I look at Lucy and all her ups and downs, her big rage and am just so thankful that I have her and all her "spitfireness".    I hope with all my might that he is healed completely and quickly, that Tiffany and Dave get their amazing boy back in all of his bright shining 4 year old glory.  I can't imagine going through this.

Lucy has made some breakthroughs.  She has learned to trace, which was a big step for her.  Lucy has taken interest in learning (in short short spurts) to write letters and shapes.  She loves having a note book and a marker in the car and just draws away whenever we drive anywhere.


cathy said...

big hugs to you. i'm sure you're tired after the tantrum. are they fewer and far-between? can you tell what triggered it? not that these questions help, as we're still trying to figure out what triggers our L at times... but i so understand where you're coming from. hug, hug, hug

Day to Day Tripper said...

I just was reading about could anyone sleep with that worry on their heart every moment of the day. I really feel for that little boy and his family and I don't even know them.