Wednesday, September 23, 2009


How could it be that tomorrow is only Thursday????   This week has been hecka long.  Way too long.  It's been nice having a few nights in a row just staying at home.  Sometimes what the doctor orders is some good old fashioned cocooning.  We've been doing that this week.  Aside from school/daycare and swim class tonight we have just stayed.  We'll also stay tomorrow night.  

I have approximately 4 1/2 months to choose a school for Lucy.   It freaks me out and I honestly would like to give that control over to someone else.  Come 3rd grade I'd like to point fingers at someone else and say "why on EARTH did you ever think XXXXX Elementary would be a good place for Lucy, were you high?"   That being said, I should be all appologetic and say something about the privelige I have to be able to choose from several just fine schools for my daughter.  I am grateful for our education system in Minnesota.  I am still anxious and scared about having to choose, and further more am anxious and scared that after making the decision, I might not even get that hard to come to first choice. 

Our friend Silas is still "in the woods" so to speak.  Please continue to send your healing thoughts and prayers to him and his family. 


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out the MN Waldorf school? It's awesome!

Kate said...

They just closed all the schools around us. Not sure if you can go to eastside schools, but Seward Montessori is good. And I've also heard pretty good things about Dowling.

3GenerationsFarm said...

We have some great schools up north:) We also have lots of social work jobs that pay well, an empty room in our home on 30 acres and tons of box wine!