Monday, September 7, 2009

Jayme and the Wondertwins

I apologize for the photo heavy posts of late but there have been far too many cutie pies in my life and so many photo ops, I just can't resist. Plus given the state of my brain lately it's better to have more photos, less words. With the magic of the sunshine kids radian 80, i was able to fit three 5 point car seats into my pt cruiser! Who needs a minivan. Jayme and the Wondertwins came for a short (too short) visit. We managed to do a lot in our short time.
We met Mel and Morgan at the park and ride and hopped on the bus to the Great Minnesota Get Together.

The kids were ready to rock and roll at the state fair!

Illinois Twins meet Minneapolis Twins.

Illinois twins meet the other kind of MN Twins.

rides on the kidway.

they had so much fun taking over the rides!

Lucy had her hair glittered (the colors that she longed for were WAY too expensive)

but the people watching helped Lucy feel better about the cheaper glitter by ooohing and ahhhing over her sparkly hair

Lucy at the Little Farm Hands exhibit

on the bus ride home

E. at Jakeenos.


cathy said...

i just can't describe how crazy it is seeing the wonder twins at the state fair AND jakeenos. what a small world. i cherish these photos. thanks for posting.

Julie said...

Best post ever.

Sam's Mom said...

WOO-HOO! I KNOW the wondertwins! lucky me for living in Chicagoland!