Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Journey East

This weekend we decided to head east.  It was the 2nd annual February gathering of really cool people.   We journeyed nearly all the way across Wisconsin and ended up in the O.C..  We had a wonderful time.  Really really really.  It's so awesome to know now that Lucy (and I) can handle (mostly) chaos and schedule flopping.  I was sort of doubting this ability on Saturday morning but we bucked up and made it through.  Thanks to our awesome wonderful most coolest friends, we had a blast and made lots of new and good memories.  Lucy also ate her first hotdog.  Never could get her to eat those before. 
when we arrived Jayme and Diane were creating a hashbrown masterpiece that went wonderfully with the amazing cauliflower "hotdish" that Jayme made off of Deidre's blog that forever and forever changed my relationship to cauliflower and expensive cheese. Gimmeee more!

B-boy and Lucy Loo teamed up to get some laundry sorted.

Lucy and baby beautiful cleaned up some chips and salsa

the kids took turns roasting hotdogs over the fire

these two hardly had anytime to fight because there were so many other kids to distract

everyone had to help frost and decorate the half-birthday cake

baby beautiful was all over those pink sprinkles

all of a sudden my photos aren't self turning and i am at a loss for how to do it.

we walked through the snow and played at a park

we celebrated

it was a wonderful weekend.

so sorry we trashed your house D. 


M and M said...

We owe her a big one for trashing her house, that's for sure. And, all we have heard about Lucy all night long is, "Lucy kiss LeLe." She left quite an impression, even if all she had to say about it was, "he drooled on me." LOVED hangin' with you, Stacy!

Bridget said...

love the "gathering of really cool people." :) Awesome!

cathy said...

So, so jealous but so, so happy you had fun. You and Lu make a great team.

D said...

We were so happy to have you.

And, the house was pre-trashed before your arrival, so no worries.