Friday, March 5, 2010

kitchen updo

as a reward to myself for all the purging and organizing I've been doing I decided that a kitchen redo was in order.  When I moved into the house the kitchen was really nonexistant.  It had a bathroom sink/cabinet, no counters, no cabinets it was not functional.  We got some inexpensive laminate cabinets from Menards and made a countertop out of tile.  I painted the trim bright red, got a red ceiling fan and a bunch of chili pepper accessories.  The kitchen was happy, bright and functional.  It's been about 12 years.  The kitchen needed fixing again.  I didn't do before photos because the process of priming all the red trim was slow and it NEVER occurs to me to take before photos.  I dug one up that shows a little of the kitchen before:

I decided to go bright again but this time tone down the trim and jazz up the walls.  I love the outcome. It was just what I needed to get through the end of winter blues!


Mama Papaya said...

I love it! I think bright and happy was so the way to go. Loving the artwork you found and considering stealing your chalkboard paint door idea.

Christina said...

It looks great! This is inspiring me to get off my duff and do something with our rental, even if it's just hanging stuff on the walls. Go you!

Mindy and Baldwin said...

The green walls are fabulous and the chalk board wall has me salivating with envy (we want to do chalkboard somewhere in our house but can't find the right spot)
*also, love the first pic with Lucy stirring something wearing a GLOVE! :)

cathy said...

i am loving that green and blue combination. very cheery but looks fresh and modern at the same time. way to go, mama!!!! you are amazing.