Friday, March 19, 2010

simple illustration

for those of you who aren't a FB friend I had to share this photo.  I spend a lot of time trying to explain Lucy, trying to figure her out, trying to break her code.  A lot of people do. Lucy is just MORE. She's more beautiful, more joyful, more smart, more loud, more bossy, more sassy, more more more.  Only thing she doesn't rate more on is the amount of sleep she gets.  Anyways.  I dropped her off at preschool this morning and went to collect some of her artwork (it's an arts preschool, I end up taking home a lot of art).  When I looked at the kids clay pot projects I had to smile.  There, right there on the preschool project table was a perfect illustration of who Lucy is.  See all the clay pots on the orange plates???  Those are the other kid's projects.  See the one specially displayed on the white plate???  That's Lucy's rendition.  That's Lucy right there.  Not one to be told how to do things, how to keep things, ... she's more then that!


Jebena said...

YEAHHHHHHHH for Lucy for doing her thang in art! I'm soooooo glad she has a different take, a different eye, a different style, a different interpretation with a whole lot of avant garde-sass to her creations!

Keep empowering her with the gift to handle it Lucy's Way!

Day to Day Tripper said...

Love this post....except for the less sleep. I guess it leaves more time to be more.