Saturday, March 13, 2010


introducing new friends!!!!    Our friend Amy has been waiting like an eternity for her precious little son Gabriel.  She waited with such grace and she's entered parenting with that same grace.  Maybe she puts on a good front. Maybe she doesn't share with me since we're not like BFF's (yet) but she seems so calm, so relaxed, so in the moment.  Her little guy Gabriel, Gaby Baby, Abite ... has definately benefited from his mom's laid back ways. He seems like he's been with her forever.  Honestly, maybe he's honeymooning her right now but serious he's a 15 month old guy who acts like, well, a 15 month old guy.  A little shy at first, grabbing his mama, peeking out ... he takes a crawl away from her, turns back (is she there???, ahhh yeah there she is) and the takes another crawl (glances).  We (the non moms) swoop in, only to scare him back to the shelter of his mom's lap.  A few minutes later and Gabe the toddler emerges!  He crawls, he climbs, he grabs HE IS PERFECT!   Ahhhh Amy, thanks for stopping by, really lifted our day and we know that forever we have a new 'Opia friend. 

it's ok Gabriel try not to be overwhelmed by all the ladies wanting your attention
"I have a lot to teach you about life in Minnesota, let's talk"
"see Gabriel, read up on what they are telling our moms to do and we can stay one step ahead of their game"
"that's right, tear up that page that describes how to tame a tantrum, you're gonna need those tantrums, your mom doesn't look quite worn out enough yet"


Melanie said...

Awwww!! I am just so jealous!!!! What a cutie - i can't wait till i can meet Gabe in person!! He's adorable!!

Mel and Morgan

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I totally fell in love with Gabe today! I can't believe he took his first steps this evening! I am not sure if he was inspired to run away from me singing Black Eyed Peas or if he was ready to walk.

Great write-up, Stac!

Anonymous said...

what a great post, you certainly have a way with words. I can't wait to see this little guy.

Cindy said...

Handsome boy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stacy! We had a blast at your house today too. He is probably mighty sick of just hangin' out with me.


D said...

No more posts like this.

No. Cute. Babies. Ever.

I'm getting baby urges now.

Post an ugly crying baby for goodness sakes!! maybe some snot dripping. Or poo oozing from the diaper. Stat!!

Dang you Amy and your stinkin' cute baby.