Friday, February 25, 2011

first this ... then that

I have a photo heavy post coming up soon about our 2nd annual camp-in in Oconomowoc, Wi.  First tho' I leave you with two things that get me heated up:

When my beautiful baby gets a high fever and wakes up in pain.  That gets me riled up. 
Although the sweet sleepiness is a bonus.

and 2.
When the governor of our neighboring state manages to piss me off more then Pawlenty. That isn't easy to do. Although my little radical is awful cute with her homemade solidarity shirt.  She has started her Walker rants (ahhhh just when we were missing pawlenty).  This morning's were especially cute.  "Mama, I know you aren't mad at me, you are mad at skyWalker right??"   bwaaahaaahaaaa skyWalker.