Friday, March 4, 2011


sorry about the groggy-bloggy lately.  I have been so exhausted at night.  So exhausted.  Did I mention how tired I have been?   This has been the longest, coldest, darkest, snowiest, dang-awfulest winter ever, ever.  I am ready for spring.

Lucy still has a love affair with animals.  The way she can calm down and hold still whenever an animal (especially Azazel the cat) sits by her is amazing.  Makes me want to send the cat with lucy to school.

 Lucy helped ready our rally sign on a cold winter's day.

She then discovered that the rally sign makes a good wind break when it's 0 degrees and a bizzillion below zero with wind chill and we're out on the capital lawn.

One moment at the rally to support Wisconsin labor when Lucy wasn't crying from the cold. 

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Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog as I am interested in adoption and am a native Minnesotan. Love it that you guys went out and rallied. Her solidarity shirt is GREAT!