Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring fever

Had a taste of spring this weekend.  Went outside, felt warm in the sun, looked directly into the sun inviting its nutritious rays into the core of me.  Felt good at the time.  Now it just feels like Sunday night. Again.  Feeling worn out.  Work is tiring.  Lucy is still struggling in kindergarten. I really want spring break for both of us. 
Still, it was nice to have some snow melting and some sun shining today.
 Lucy was very excited about the hair coloring we found at Claire's!

 Nothing like a little cat cuddle to sooth a little soul.

poor cat. 


Nancy said...

that kitty looks exactly like our kitty. and lucy looks just as content - sans the allergies.

glad you got to taste spring.

Anonymous said...

her hair is so cute like that! Lovin' the twists :>)