Friday, June 13, 2008

The past couple days

Have been exhausting! Lucy had an emergency sleepover at my mom and dads on Wednesday because Mel and I were having a combined garage sale and at about 5pm we realized we were so screwed. HOLY SCHMOLY that was a lot of work. Friday morning, I had no little Lucy rooster waking me up but still had the alarm going off at 5:55 am to finish the set up. After a long day Mel and I closed down the sale and Lucy and I headed home.

We went swimming with Diane, her husband and her boys. Finally got to meet the husband who seems very sweet and nice. Lucy got to swim with Wendim who she has been talking about fairly consistantly "Wendim come and we play with dirt poops" "Wendim come play at park?" "Go swimming with Wendim???" Swimming didn't last very long as it was cold and I was way way way beyond tired. Lucy barely complained when we got out of the pool. Surprised.

Bright and early today we headed to G Children's Hospital for another fitting for another spacer for Lucy's shoe. The spacer keeps Lucy's shoe from spinning around on her small foot. The staff at G's LOVE to see Lucy. She has always been bright, friendly and cooperative. Lucy usually finds a baby or two to play with in the waiting room. Today Lucy noticed a spanish speaking family while we were checking in. Later, the same family emerged from the assistive technology fitting room and Lucy says 'hi' the mom said "hi" and Lucy says "como estas?". Amazing, she totally remembered they were speaking Spanish and she used her Spanish words!

After day care (Lucy) and garage sale running we headed home for a quiet evening together. I hope that the lazy afternoon/evening doesn't translate into an uber early morning tomorrow.

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Malia'sMama said...

Oh she is sooo cute in that outfit! And spks Spanish, to boot? Adorable.