Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Hopper

So Lucy may have officially banished her resident ghost "do do" from our house only to replace it with "the hopper". "Do do" has followed Lucy since the early days, like when she first learned to talk which is why I think it was called "do do". "Do do" was pretty scary, the stuff of bad dreams and she'd see him almost everywhere around the house. I actually got a little freaked a couple times when she'd gasp and say (in a whisper) "momma, do do is right there" pointing to the ceiling or her dresser or a spot in the garage.

This morning the first words out of her mouth were "momma, the hopper bit me on the tummy", "the hopper have teeth" and on and on she went, even telling both of the cats about the incident.

She was very serious about "the hopper" but was unable to provide a description except that "it have teeth and it goes growl".


Anonymous said...

she is still talking to grandpa about it, he trying to convince her that he has banished him to the far far corners of the world. Don't think she is convinced.

Seeking Truth said...

Your daughter is beautiful and some of the stories you tell are similar to the crazy happenings of my bio toddler, Eva. Thanks for sharing your stories...they are fun to read. Our next big family adventure is to adopt a child from Ethiopia and we are really excited. P.S. try an imaginary ghost's amazing how their imaginations take flight. (I'm sorry if you get this message computer is acting up.)