Saturday, May 31, 2008

The weekend continues ...

Saturday started bright and early (5:30, the hair do threats have ceased to work, as I no longer have energy or will to do hair, she totally broke me). Thankfully Lucy was mellow and sweet. We went to Bennett's big 3.0 bash, super fun with lots of Ethio-adopt mommas papas and kids. I was the SUPER-STAR who got to show off a certain photo of a certain 5 week old girl who is the daughter of a certain someone who lives west of here. Yup I've gots me connections. After the party we had time for a quick mother-daughter nap and we were off to babysit the three boys.

There has GOT to be some sort of special place in heaven for a lady who got up at 5:30 in the morning, spent the day with her 3 yr old and then went to watch a 5 yr old, 3yr old (my own 3 yr old) and a 10 month old and ended up carting all 4 kids down two levels to the basement (just after we trecked up there to start p.j.s) for a tornado warning siren wailing. I mean, that was some sort of super-heroeic thing I think ... I totally can't believe people do this every day and every night with even more then 4 kids. But seriously people ... that was some serious transitioning for 4 young kids and one old tired mom and we did it with no tears AND being very compassionate and sensitive to the need for order and routine, I gave up all my hopes and dreams of an 8pm bedtime so we could do our normal bedtime routine. We didn't even head up stairs until 8:45. It was actually my first bedtime since baby Jacob came home and it was a rockin' bedtime. Seriously, it was fairly flawless.

That's it ... I am off to spend a few precious hours in bed before Sunday hits.

No photos from babysitting but I do have a couple from the party.

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