Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To balance the NBC thing ...

Normally I wouldn't advertise on my blog but someone (thanks Dani) on an adoption forum posted the link to this short but well-done commercial for Pearle Vision. Like Dani said, "someone gets it."


If you like it and want to "compliment" them you can go here

I am not at all connected (not a customer or an employee) to Pearle Vision (fyi).


haze said...

That's beautiful. Well done Pearle Vision.

Stacie said...

Beautiful - so well done. I sent a compliment. Thanks for posting - it's so good to see something positive for a change in media!

Chery Bond said...

Hi. I would also like to comment on Pearle Vision. I have slight problems with eyesight and decided to apply for help until it is too late. I went to Pearle Vision, a chain of eyeglasses stores, to buy eyeglasses for protection against computer. It is a great company. It is not only about the USA, the Pearle chain has about thousand of stores in Europe in such countries as the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Belgium and other. I learned about it from this great site www.pissedconsumer.com.