Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Park Nights

We've gone to the park two nights in a row. The weather has been perfect and the sun is shining until past bedtime. Gotta love it! Tuesday night I took Morgan and Lucy to a family night (through my agency). I've taken Lucy to a few work events and always find it interesting to parent my child in front of people I "social work". Lucy was great though, a real charmer and stayed easily within the limits I set (she put on her "social worker's daughter" hat for a while I guess ... thanks Lucy)! Tonight we went to dinner with aunt Jen. Jen and Lucy were traumitized by a finger smashing incident (Lucy's finger, Jen was in charge at the time) so the two of them needed some swinging and sliding to put the trauma behind them and move ahead with life. Once we got to the park Lucy regained the ability to use her right hand and Jen became visibly more relaxed. Bedtime was a breeze!

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