Friday, May 23, 2008

Long Week-end

Trying to keep the blog on the positive but oh how many posts I started about the famine, 5 yr-old Maria, the disappointing call from post-adoption services etc etc. The world does not seem to be a positive place right now.

Re-grouping here ... I see the positive in up-coming three day weekend. I am starting a wee bit early as instead of going to the office I am going to my home visits directly from home. My clients live closer to my home then my office anyway.

Nancy and Makena are coming for a visit. On Saturday we will join Mel and Morgan at a great park to celebrate his family day. Lucy clarified this morning: "Nancy and Makena come but Tes-five stay in the car." I assured her that Tesfaye will not be living in the car on our street but rather staying in Chicago and she seemed happier about that arrangement.

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Nancy said... was great to spend time together. Love, love, love our girls. Thanks for everything :)