Sunday, May 11, 2008


We had such an exciting weekend. D and her 2 1/2 boys came to visit. They arrived late Friday night. Saturday we went to the park and then napped until it was time to go to the hotel where we went SWIMMING. Sunday morning brought more swimming. In between times we hung in the yard and Lucy learned a little more about life with older brothers. I've met D but it was my first time meeting her fabulous boys. They are like old school kids ... you know, the ones out riding bike until sunset ... having FUN, getting nosebleeds then hopping right back in the game .. out for adventure and kid fun, playing with dirt, crazy stuff ... I loved it!!! (sorry for all the ...'s ).

We had a few visitors. Saturday night Bennett and his family joined us (Lucy and Bennett were room-mates at the care center) for a swim and then on Sunday morning Mel and Morgan hopped over.

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Anne said...

First of all, Happy Birthday, Lucy!!

As ever, her cuteness knows no bounds. I love the photos of all the kids!

Hope you had a fantastic MOTHER'S day. Good grief -- that NBC thing is an outrage. Glad an apology was issued, but sheesh. Who's minding the ship over there? (rhetorical)