Monday, May 5, 2008

The countdown

I am having a very difficult time with Lucy's big 3.0 on Wednesday. It's hard because 3 (while I generally love the age) is SO not a baby. So sorry blog land you'll be hearing about her age in terms of months until I step out of denial and into reality. I'll do the big turning 36 months old post sometime around Wednesday, although honestly I am sad enough about it that I might be a little hung-over and need some recovery time before I hit the blog. Until then I will take you with me on a trip down memory lane (you know, back when she was a little kid).


cathy said...

I have found that DENIAL works really well. It carries me to their next birthday, where I just start denying all over again.

Kari said...

I am with denial too! It isn't possible that little Lucy is 3 is it????????

Well, Mama, you are in good company. Three is just as crazy as two! Welcome to the wonderful world of 3 year olds!

Stacie said...

Three is such a fun age - but so hard when it's your baby turning three! She was such an adorable babe!

Nancy said...

Say it isn't so!!!! Three fingers already?

I think the way I will be managing my denial is to maintain an appropriate sangria:cupcake:age ratio. So for every year old M turns, I will honor it with equal parts sangria and cupcakes (mini ones of course).

Twenty-one ought to be explosive!

Cheers Stacy and Lucy to three wonderful years together and many more to come!