Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today was a perfect day. Lucy woke up happy and peaceful. She spent the day with auntie Jen and had a great time. Work was semi-productive, at least for a few hours in the morning. The weather was beautiful. Snow and ice melting ... drip drip drip. I got home before Lucy did and cleaned like mad for a half hour. After dinner, thanks to auntie Jen I had another 1/2 hour to clean. My house is feeling peaceful. I had all the windows open for a couple of hours. We have NEW AIR in our house. Lucy was in a fantastic mood. She was so sweet and lovely, it was a pleasure to be around her. The only thing missing was our Morgan.

The photos of Lucy's pea festival. I discovered that peas, when offered as a snack or in a can, are considered to be quite yummy. They are often overlooked on the dinner plate.


Anonymous said...

Megan loves her peas too. Weird but awesome!

Christina said...

Ah, a girl after my own heart. Peas are my favorite veggie, too! In the summer, try them straight out of the freezer as a chilly treat - delish!

Nancy said...

Funny! Peas out of a can. I'll have to try that one :)

D said...

Holy Crap! They ARE soulmates.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I had a great day with her! She's a rockstar! I put pictures on my LiveJournal blog if you want to check them out (don't mind the swearing.)