Saturday, March 8, 2008

Injera with Ketchup

Lucy's new favorite food 'opia bread (aka injera, aka I is for Injera a bread eaten a lot) rolled up with ketchup. I think she is very multicultural. I am a little sad that she won't try any other Ethiopian food but I am pretty sure she'll outgrow the refusal.

We had a busy day. Drove up to see Lucy's great-grandma in Wisconsin. Now that I am back I am upset that we forgot to go to the Burnett Co. Dairy for cheese, and we also forgot to stop at this other cheese shop for odd other things like Buffalo meat and visiting the gigantic mouse. I might sound random but these are actually things I am feeling a little resentful about having forgot at this point. Sheesh, I also forgot to reintroduce Lucy to Big Gus the talking gigantic man statue in town. I am a looser of a "tradition" keeper.

We also went out for injera with ketchup along with Mel, Morgan and their family. Then I decided it was ok to put Lucy down for bed early tonight since we are springing ahead at some point tonight.

The entire pool of Sunday morning 9:30 am swimmers and their families will be glad to know that I took advantage of the early bed time and shaved my legs.

Since I can't think or write in a straight line tonight, it might be time to find a photo and go to bed!


D said...

Ketchup on injera?

Sounds like she may be related to my hubby. Why don't you offer her some of his favorites (ketchup on oatmeal, ketchup on grits, ketchup/ham sandwich)?

Mrs. Baker said...

Injera with Ketchup....I will be sure to try that!

Malia'sMama said...

Injera gives me major heartburn, but maybe with Lucy's way the double acidity will cancel itself out and I will be fine! She's adorable, as always!