Saturday, March 15, 2008

10 things about Lucy

Lucy was tagged by MP ... Here are 10 things about Lucy:

1. She has a feather phobia. Instead of baby gates I could just put a line of feathers in the doorway and she'd stand back screaming: "eeeeeuuuuu momma, icky poo, get that momma"

2. Paint her toenails and you're her friend for life.

3. When she's mad, she'll try to hit with her left hand, then her right hand, and if you hold both hands, watch out for that head butt ...

4. If she wasn't the cause of another child's tears, she is incredibly sweet and tries hard to stop the tears.

5. Her coming home routine: Jacket off, shoes off, pants off, silk nightie on, music on.

6. She's the master of the double nostril nose pick (anyone have any advice on ending nose picking?)

7. Night time routine: lotion, pj's, bed, 2 books (good night moon and another), I put olive oil on her cheeks, she puts it on mine, kiss kiss, night night.

8. Favorite foods at the moment: spaghetti with tomato sauce, chicken, ketchup, homemade pizza, grapes, smoked salmon, Ritz crackers with cream cheese

9. Has oral fixation

10. When asked "where are you going?" more often then not she'll reply "to Vegas"


Nancy said...

LOL!! That is some little lady you have there. We look forward to seeing you soon...we'll be wearing helmets :) said...

Regarding #6, she will most likely grow out of the nose-picking (and eating it). We could usually find Massy in up to her wrist and then eating what she picked. She's just sort of lost interest in that, thank goodness!

Melanie said...

Morgan just entered the nose picking stage! oh yeah!!

Malia'sMama said...


jayme said...

I *love* the "Vegas" response. We're really looking forward to your visit!

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

When she is much much older, and she is in Vegas with a silk nighty on and music playing, I am pretty sure she will not be double picking her nose! LOL!